January 26, 2016

I am selling my house and needed to replace the 2nd floor carpeting and upgrade to granite counter tops in my kitchen.  I was referred to Safa by a trusted friend, but still received estimates from 2 other companies. I was amazed by the vast selection of products within my budget.  I found the exact color/quality carpet I wanted and a granite for my counter tops that was a perfect match for my kitchen.  When the estimate was given, I was stunned because there was a difference of several hundred dollars from the other estimates received.  I worried that the installation crew would be shoddy, as many “next day” carpet companies sub contract with cheap installers in an effort to save/make more profit on their end.  I am absolutely thrilled and 100% satisfied with the end product!  3 different crews came to my house, the carpet installers being the first, expected to arrive at 8am.  They arrived at 7:55am and were working by 8am!  The granite crew arrived @10:30am (right on time) and the plumbing crew arrived at @ 2pm to install the new kitchen sink.  They all worked efficiently, cleaned up after themselves, and were out of my house by 5pm.  The qualtiy and workmanship of the products and the installation crews are the best I have experienced as a homeowner of 30+ years.  I will now refer to Safa Interiors as the Nordstrom of Contractors, offering exceptional quality and service ; how they do it with competitive pricing is beyond me, but I’ll take it.  I am now requesting estimates from Safa for additional projects that I didn’t think I would be able to work in this year’s budget.  I am a very satisfied customer!

– Jane M., Gambrills, MD


August 28, 2015

Safa Interiors gave us a beautiful home renovation. This is a family business recommended to us by a family friend and real estate agent. Steve took great care of us and had a beautiful range of materials and finishes in his showroom, warehouse and several different vendors. He did a full kitchen renovation, two bathrooms, hardwood floors downstairs, carpet upstairs, drywall, paint, trim, electrical work – you name it. Steve and his subcontractors were reliable, trustworthy and easily reachable when we needed them. They understood our vision and helped make it a reality. As young first-time homebuyers we felt we were in good hands and we LOVE spending time in each room of our home now. They also kept the job within budget, which is a rarity.

– Lesly W., Washington, DC


July 15, 2015

Safa Interiors did a great job for us fixing up our rental home. Renters had just about destroyed it. Steve did a great job picking out the colors for us. He replaced carpet throughout the house, painted all three floors, refinished the hardwoods, replaced the kitchen appliances, power washed the siding, and cleaned and stained the two level deck. Great work at a great price!

– Vicki L., Waverly, VA


April 7, 2015

Safa Interiors remodeled 2 bathrooms for us at work,

Burgess Lighting and they did a fantastic job!! They completed the job in a weeks time and the contractors were a pleasure to work with.
They kept the area so clean while they were working and everything was done on time and exactly as we wanted! We have 2 beautiful new bathrooms

– Marilyn E., College Park, MD


January 18, 2015

It went very well. We had the world’s worst renters in our house for over three years. The carpet was destroyed, walls were so dirty they couldn’t be cleaned, the hardwood floors were ruined and the kitchen appliances were toast! After the renters moved out, my husband and I decided to put the house on the market. It needed a lot of work! Steve from Safa Interiors came in and provided us with the best estimate for performing the work I the shortest amount of time. The work was completed on time and within the allotted budget. The workmanship was great! Steve was a wonderful person to deal with. I’d recommend Safa to all my friends!

– Ms. Lord, Waverly, VA

October 25, 2014

Workers were prompt and efficient. Provider was willing to work us in the schedule because we were hosting guests within a short time frame. Workers were even available on the weekends. We were pleased with the finished results. They have an excellent showroom – Making choices was difficult. Advice from them on selecting the size of the tiles proved to be correct. Our space appeared larger.

– Ms. Rodney, Temple Hills, MD


October 21, 2014

About two years ago I needed to have a basement bathroom installed and completed within a short amount of time before my family was to come in town for the holidays. I had already begun acquiring the furnishings that I desired to be installed so I contacted carpet queen among other contractors for a quote. Carpet Queen provided the most reasonable cost out of several contractors that I met with. They were also very responsive and guaranteed to have the bathroom completed on time. They surpassed my expectations when they met that promise by working over the weekends and during the week. Today, the basement bathroom installed by Carpet Queen is the best bathroom we have out of the four bathrooms throughout the house. Every time family from out of town come here for a visit they always comment on the craftsmanship of the bathroom.

– Mr. Dawkins, Laurel, MD


October 9, 2014

Steve Ardekani fully renovated our historic DC row home, transforming it from a barely livable space into a show-piece. We were running on a tight budget for a 1,900sqft renovation, but he assured us he could leave us with a great home for a price that we could afford. Over the past few months, Steve, our day-to-day on-site manager Rez, and their crew (special thanks to Chamba) delivered everything that we had hoped for.
Our 120 year-old Washington DC brick row home had been left to disrepair for decades prior to my wife and I purchasing it. It had a very cheap renovation done in the 1980’s, and it needed to be stripped down to the studs and totally rehabbed. We had replaced the mechanical equipment, fixed the envelope of the house and shored it up structurally, but every living space we had was in terrible shape. To make things more complicated for Safa, my wife and I also were living in the house during the renovation, so they would have to work around us.
Steve consulted with us prior to the renovation, visiting our home to get a sense of the scope of the project. He then invited us out to his showroom to look at flooring, carpet, cabinetry etc. We were very impressed with the quality of the materials he had to show. We initially were going to purchase some of the materials ourselves through a wholesaler, but Steve had better quality at better prices. In short order Steve sent out a proposal that met our needs and our budget constraints. Just a few weeks after that, Steve and his crew got started.
First, the boring, but very important part – studding up the walls, running new electric etc. I can tell you that they showed the same care to making a quality stud-wall and using quality wood, as they did to the finishes that we look at every day. Everything was plumb and sturdy. There were no shortcuts taken behind our dry wall. They also consolidated our panels and sub panels into a more manageable format throughout the house; getting rid of our old fuses and replacing them with smaller and safer technology. They also insulated wherever they could, vastly improving on the plaster-on-brick that we had been living with.
On the first floor they created the most beautiful kitchen I have ever been in. We originally had a tiny galley kitchen, but Safa opened up the entire space to connect to the dining room. Somehow they built kitchen fit for a 4,000 sq. ft. home into a very narrow area and left it with a spacious feel. The cabinets were high quality, and well constructed. The granite they installed was also extremely high quality, and we enjoyed the options that Steve presented to us – we actually went out to a giant warehouse and picked out the slab we wanted.
We only paid for a pull-and-replace on our first floor bathroom, however Steve and Rez decided the bathroom would work much better if it were reconfigured, so they went ahead and moved some of the plumbing and the doorframe for no extra cost. They were absolutely right, and we are thrilled with the outcome. We wanted a stylish high-end bathroom, like you would find in a boutique hotel, and that’s what we got.
Safa laid new hardwood floors throughout the first floor, and it worked very well with our cabinets and other finishes. They also put the same flooring on our staircase, while keeping the historic banister. It was a rich, dark, wide-plank floor that we’ll be happy with for decades.
They cleaned up and repainted two brick walls in the kitchen and over our staircase, and also repainted and repaired a brick chimney that had been plastered over. They used a historic masonry mix, with colored cement to match the original mortar perfectly. They also maintained the historic plaster molding over the staircase, making a unique focal point where the exposed brick meets the molding.
They had significant plaster repair work to do, and trim work to do throughout the first and second floors and around all of the windows. Our windows are massive (the size of doors) so they used oversized trim to make the proportions look right. They installed new interior sills throughout. On the second floor they also had to do a full window installation, which included reframing, installing an exterior sill, caulking etc.
Finally, the lighting scheme in our first floor was completely redesigned with 20 new recessed lights, a fixture for a chandelier over the dining room table and two fixtures to attach ceiling fans. They also installed 3 outdoor lights.
On the second floor they expanded our tiny bathroom into a major master bathroom with his-and-her vanities, a large shower and a bathtub. It was a significant reconfiguration with a lot of new plumbing. If I can post a before-and-after pick it would make you laugh. There are very few true master bathrooms in these historic DC row-homes because of the space constraints, but we’re very happy to have one of them!
Safa completely gutted our guest bedroom, studded it up, insulated the ceiling and created a new closet. We had less work in our master bedroom, but they installed a new closet light in there. We had carpet laid throughout the second floor.
We couldn’t be happier with how Steve, Rez and their crew transformed our pile of bricks into a home. My wife and I are both extremely happy with the final product, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Safa in the future and recommend them to anyone

– Mr. McNitt, Washington, D.C.


September 4, 2014

The work done was A+. My service professional Steve was very proficient in his craft. He and his staff have great customer care at the forefront. They also have a remarkable vision for the business. Steve and the entire staff, workers included, exhibited care, friendliness and integrity from beginning to the end of the project. They absolutely placed my satisfaction at the apex. Steve is a young man who is well-spoken, charismatic and highly qualified in his craft. He is meticulously accurate in this explanation of the quality of his products and the work being performed (hands-on). I must also add that the quality of the work performed was impeccable. Again, customer service ethics are above par. The quality of the materials used was first-class. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for chic or swank choices in remodeling or upgrading your home. I am a very, very satisfied customer and my enthusiasm for future upgrades to my home has been greatly heightened. I am truly looking forward to a continued wonderful business rapport with this company and staff. KUDOS for excellent work performed. This is a heartfelt review from my heart and not my head. MANY THANKS TO QUEENS CARPET AND FLOORING.

– Ms. Massey, Fort Washington, MD

September 4, 2014

I am pleased with my new bathroom, kitchen counter and all flooring, and couldn’t wait to show photos to my friends.

From beginning to end, the owner/manager (Steve Ardekani) and his staff, were professional and very customer oriented. They made design suggestions, and did whatever was necessary to address my concerns.

The installers (Ryan and Manuel) are very experienced in their craft. They paid close attention to detail and methodically performed each function precisely, resulting in a beautiful outcome. A few times, Ryan faced obstacles (due to the construction layout and condition of the property). However, he expertly corrected the problems to ensure that the features installed would fit perfectly.

Each day during the process, the project manager (Rez) came to ascertain the progression of the work, and return with additional materials required. Even after completion of the project, Ryan promptly returned to fix a water line that had become disconnected during the installation.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the results of this renovation project, and would recommend to
others, the professional services of SAFA Interiors.

– Rhonda Downs, Fort Washington, Maryland


June 19, 2014

“I had a lot of service from Carpet Queens & Floors.  They laid a laminate floor in one room and laid 2 different vinyl floors in 2 other rooms for me. I thought they were excellent.  My interaction with them was very good.   They were very cooperative, efficient, on time, and the work product turned out lovely.  I recommended them to several people.”

– Ms. Griffin, Temple Hills, MD

January 09, 2014

“In a nutshell I did a full remodel of the house – Hardwood flooring on all levels, runners on the steps and hallways, Kitchen Remodel (Granite, Stainless, Island, Cabinets), Bath Remodel, Painting the entire interior, Recessed lighting throughout along with installation of various other lights, Custom Closets, the list goes on…These guys were so good that when I told  Steve (Owner) that my wife was really disappointed with the fact that the house didn’t have a gas stove he told me he could do that work as well.  He ran a line from the fireplace to the stove straight from the basement.  Unbelievable!  Along the way we ran into a few things that I wanted them to add and they did it as if we had planned for it the whole time – custom TV install, rerouting wiring, I even had them change the handles and hinges on every single door in the entire house!  I know I’m forgetting some things because they did so much but they were great! Just want to give a big THANK YOU to Capet Queen and Floors!!! When we first sat down with Steve, who I cannot say enough great things about, we were given great suggestions based on our budget so that we could have everything we wanted the way we wanted it.  When I mentioned to him that we were going to be doing some other jobs in the house (painting, plumbing, cabinets, granite, etc.) he told me that his shop could do all of that too!  This was a HUGE bonus as we essentially had one person who was in charge of everything.  This alleviated so much of the stress we thought we were going to have.  We ended up with beautiful flooring, granite, lighting, paint, etc. that was stress free and within our budget! Steve – Thank you so much for doing all that you did.  You delivered on all of your promises!!!!  After speaking with several flooring companies I kept getting the feeling that I was being taken advantage of because I wasn’t in the business.  Most were unresponsive and not very helpful when I explained what I wanted and my budget.  You made it all happen for me and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I don’t want to make this review too long but I must point out a few things that I really appreciated.  Steve delivered on quality and value.  He told me what the price was going to be from the get go and I didn’t get one of those calls “I found xyz and now the price goes up to…” – Not one of those.  He told me the price and that’s what it was.  In this day and age I think that’s really important.  Carpet Queen’s staff was on time, reliable, trustworthy, and they cleaned up after they were done! I can’t say enough about this company.   Highly highly recommend!  Thank you Steve and Carpet Queen!”

– Mr. Lipp, Gaithersburg, MD

November 13, 2013

“Carpet Queen was very professional and skilled at all of the services that they provided. The work crew was very dedicated to making sure that we were satisfied. We have been using this outstanding company for over 15 years and the quality of service continues to get better each time that we use them. Our kitchen cabinets, granite island top and hardwood floors are always complimented on by our guests who visit our home. We are a customer for life and would highly recommend there quality services to the “White House”. This company is “Awesome”. You will be pleased with their services.”

– Mr. Skipper, Upper Marlboro, MD

October 07, 2013

“The company did a complete remodel of my home.  Steve and I discussed my being an HGTV addict and I wanted my home to look like those on TV.  They did a great job, and as I look at HGTV now, I see many of the same type of upgrades that I have in my home!  I would highly recommend.”

– Ms. Jackson, Washington, D.C.

September 20, 2013

“I moved from 4 bedroom 3 level townhouse to 4 bedrooms (931 sqft) 1959 Ranch style home with only 1 bathroom.    Needless to say very cramped.  Carpet Queen (Steve) had remodeled my Townhouse, installed wood floors throughout including stairs, painted the interior, granite countertops, ceramic floors in kitchen, added powder room and wall to wall carpeting on the upper level.  Just BEAUTIFUL… words cannot describe the shock after this wonderful transformation.  Because, of his wonderful job and insight my house sold in less than 2 weeks at asking price.  Now, I am residing at my childhood house with one bathroom.  I called Steve to work his magic again.  Packed Mom and Dog up and moved to a hotel for 10 days.  Steve had his crew remove and clean out our junk room of 30 years hauled it away, demolish bathroom replaced and install new pipes.  Remodeled existing Bathroom, created a second huge Bathroom with walk-in shower, high toilet and vanity with a linen closet.  Added handicapped accessible rails and seat for my Mom.  They widen the hallway to accommodate my Mom’s walker and created an entrance to the new bathroom from my Mom’s room.  Painted the interior and install wall to wall carpeting throughout the house.   AWESOME……..  Carpet Queen gave us a timeline took care of the house chose the colors and fixtures and turn an ordinary junk room into an Oasis for my Mom who can’t stop raving about her Bathroom.    Steve’s added enthusiasm and remarkable ability to turn a vision into reality while looking out for your best interest is well worth using his services.”

– Ms. Morris, Upper Marlboro, MD

September 16, 2013

“I was so impressed with the one on one service I received from Steve.  He personally provided me with the answers to all the questions I asked and provided me with a detailed description of the products and service I would receive.  The technicians arrived at my home and were very professional and courteous.  They reaffirmed my order and proceeded to complete the installation.  Upon completion, I spoke with Steve who wanted to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I would indeed recommend any of my friends and family to Carpet Queen & Floors.  Steve, thanks for caring.”

– Ms. Bailey, Washington, D.C.

August 20, 2013

“Carpet queen did a great job.  They worked with us during the estimate process.  They provided a competitive price.  They communicated with us during the job on the work status.  They started and completed the job per the agreed schedule.  We are very happy with the quality of the work.”

– Ms. Wilson, Hyattsville, MD

August 16, 2012

“I recently was looking around to remodel my entire kitchen and I stumbled upon Carpet Queen and Floors. I was a little apprehensive at first, but the sales guy, Tony, walked me through the process, and at the end of it all I was completely satisfied. I can’t believe how everything turned out. If you are thinking about getting your home remodeled, just do it! It changes the quality of your life. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and every day we are grateful to have made this choice! I can’t wait to use them again for the rest of our remodel projects around our house.”

– Mr. Jones


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