Safa Interiors works with you in mind. It’s not enough to provide you with the highest quality in home remodeling; we want to ensure your Safa Interiors experience is exceptional from start to finish. From complimentary design assistance for everything we sell to certified installation experts and free delivery services, we will take every step to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. At Safa Interiors, there’s no better customer than a satisfied one.

Design Assistance

Have you ever imagined what your dream home looks like, but can never quite put the pieces together? We can transform that inspiration into a unique space and make it a reality. Our expert designers offer personalized guidance for your home, and our design store shows off the latest design trends in home remodeling. With that combination, we’re equipped to guide you through the entire design process!


We know how difficult it might be to decide the kind of money you want to spend on your home and what is best to fit your needs.  Before making such a big decision, we want to make sure you are aware of all your options and that you are informed about what it will take to reach your design goal.  We provide over the phone and in home estimating.

Financing Available

Ready to invest in your home remodeling project? We offer several financing options!


Our installers are highly trained, certified installation experts who work for us. Our goal is to ensure everything we do for you is professional and stress-free. Our installers will remove existing materials, install new ones, dispose of any trash and debris, and clean up everything upon project completion.


Still unsure about taking that step and beginning your renovation? With our decades of experience and knowledge, we will make sure you are a happy customer for life.

Warranty Information

With a large selection of quality remodeling materials and numerous brands to choose from, warranties can vary by manufacturer or piece. We want you to have all the details regarding your specific purchase, so stop in our store or call us for complete warranty information.

Additionally, our installation is covered under warranty.

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