How We Work



Call us for an over the phone or in-home estimate. Each project starts with a no-charge initial meeting with the client at our showroom or the property. This is an initial opportunity to discuss the project in detail. During the discovery meeting we learn about the client’s style and their individual lifestyle, tastes and aspirations in order to learn what is important to them so that the finished project is a true reflection of them. This is also an opportunity to ensure that any issues are identified and discussed before work commences on the project.

Please note that estimate prices are time-limited as industry prices do change.


During the initial discussion we also discuss and outline budgets and a time scale so that the project can progress smoothly. We believe that is is very important to engage and work together with our clients as the project evolves.


At this stage, samples are presented for discussion and client approval. We can arrange for the client to see/feel all specified items as relevant. At this stage, we also can propose, curate and install accessories as required. This meeting is followed up with a written proposal, and what we call a Scope of Work, to the client. Additionally, we produce a draft cost plan which includes provisional sums for any works along with an outline of the project.


Once the scope of work has been agreed on as well as a detailed cost plan is presented and shared, a deposit is made. Depending on the size of the project, additional payment installments may be made at different stages of the remodeling project. The purpose of this is to effectively manage every stage of the remodeling process from price to delivery through production to quality management to the finished project and to manage any circumstances that arise along the way.


Progress of the project is managed and monitored on site on a regular basis and any issues arising in the course of the project are resolved in a timely and pragmatic  manner in order to maintain quality and time efficiency. Any snagging issues are resolved quickly and efficiently to the client’s satisfaction.

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