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Installation Services

When contemplating a new carpet installation, consider the importance of hiring professionals to ensure that carpet replacement costs remain within budget and are price-efficient. Safa Interiors LLC provides a full range of carpet and flooring installation services that protect your investment and allow you to benefit from enhanced home decor and comfort.

Why Hiring a Professional forCarpet Installation is More Cost-Effective

The cost to install your carpet by qualified technicians will actually save you money in the long run by ensuring that carpet is stretched and seamed according to industry and manufacturers standards. Get instant access to knowledgeable local carpet installation experts who also provide clients with convenient follow up and maintenance services.

What Should I Do With My Old Carpet?

Safa Interiors LLC is available to dispose of your existing carpet to make way for new carpet installation, and we follow all local recommendations for recycling and reuse to help reduce landfills and preserve the environment

Who will move my furniture and handle wiring before my new carpet installation?

Some clients prefer to handle household furniture and any fragile home décor articles on their own. Discuss your particular requirements and special concerns before carpet installation services with a Safa Interiors LLC representative who will customize carpet replacement and installation according to your needs

Preparing for a New Carpet Installation

Once your carpet installation estimate is complete, Safa Interiors LLC provides accurate measurements that detail carpet roll direction and seam placement with special consideration for doors, closets, stairways and other unique characteristics of your home.

Although some seams may be unavoidable, our experience new carpet installers are skilled at minimizing material waste and matching patterns and pile perfectly.

If a new carpet installation includes transitions to flooring, Safa Interiors LLC technicians account for the necessary adjustments for either ceramic tile, hardwood or an existing carpet.

Preparing your home for a new carpet installation requires a skilled analysis of the subfloor surface. Our installers assess the level and consistency of flooring as part of the installation process and inform you of any hidden water damage, loose floorboards or any necessary repairs before installation.

Installing Carpets According toThe Highest Industry Standards

Carpet Installation industry standards recommend carpet stretching using approved power stretchers as opposed to manual stretching which may not be as effective and may even damage your carpet. In addition, Safa Interiors LLC installers used only industry-endorsed adhesives that prevent de-lamination and eliminate the possibility of edges unraveling.

Our qualified local installers undertake each carpet and flooring project with the necessary tools and expertise to avoid any carpet bubbling or wrinkling that ensures your new carpet installation provides you with many years of comfort and enjoyment

New Carpet Installation Tips

  • Finish any household remodeling projects prior to installing your new carpet.
  • Remove all breakable items from the area including wiring for all electronics. Ask us about our full range of carpet installation services including warranty and insurance coverage designed to protect your new investment and home from all hazards.
  • Safa Interiors LLC adheres to the CRI installation standards and thoroughly follows all new installation instructions from carpet manufactures that ensure the highest standards for safety. Call for a free carpet installation estimate.


Safa Interiors LLC provides business flooring and commercial carpeting for any commercial location large or small. Our highly qualified carpet installation technicians are fully equipped with industry approved tools and techniques – including power carpet stretching and heat welding – to professionally install and supervise business flooring and commercial carpeting projects with quality flooring products available in a full range of colors, styles, and textures.

Commercial CarpetingSolutions for Busy Business Owners

We invite local business owners including architects, decorators, property managers, government agencies, hotels, and hospital administrators, retail managers and any other commercial managers to visit our fully stocked showroom or take advantage of our practical and convenient shop-at-home option to ensure your commercial carpeting projects are completed on time and on budget.

The fully trained and qualified personnel at Safa Interiors LLC supervise business flooring installations from start to finish including carpeting, carpet tile sales, and installation, in addition to hardwood and laminate commercial flooring projects completed with quality products from recognized brand name manufacturers

Free Commercial Carpeting Estimate at Your Business Location

Safa Interiors LLC business flooring and commercial carpeting provides free consultation and detailed estimates at our convenient location or your place of business.

For a wide selection of superior products, accurate commercial carpeting price quotations, expert measurements from experienced personnel and qualified installation from commercial flooring experts, contact Safa Interiors LLC to supervise your business flooring project from start to finish that includes professional decorating advice!

Benefits of Commercial Carpeting

Whether you choose broadloom carpeting for your business or want to get creative with practical carpet tile, commercial carpeting is recognized as a cost-efficient business flooring option that also offers easy maintenance and a full range of benefits.

For businesses where employees are on their feet most of the time, professionally installed commercial carpeting and under padding ensures comfort and increased insulation which contributes to increased productivity, reduced energy costs, and employee satisfaction. An ideal choice for businesses that might benefit from noise reduction, studies have shown that commercial carpeting helps to absorb sound promoting a calmer work environment.

Also, Safa Interiors LLC assists business owners with fulfilling green building standards by offering a green label carpeting to improve indoor air quality as well as redirecting old commercial carpeting from landfill sites and recycling them instead.

Carpet TilesAn Affordable Commercial Carpeting Choice!

In addition to broadloom and resilient commercial flooring, increasingly popular and fashionable commercial carpet tiling provides a range of business flooring benefits that include:

Easy Installation – Adjust the carpet tile to just about any commercial space. Easy to use adhesive makes carpet tile placement simple to install.

Durable and Long-Lasting – Safa Interiors LLC carpet tiles are manufactured specifically to withstand heavy foot traffic areas and handle extra wear and tear.

Easy to Maintain – Vacuum or sweep carpet tile one piece at a time- no professional carpet cleaners required. Replacing carpet squares and tiles is easy and very affordable!

Allows for Customized Creative Floor Design – Safa Interiors LLC offers a complete range of colors, textures, and styles to mix and match carpet tiling according to your preference.